Michele Bachmann named to Time's 'Most Influential' list

She's really influential.
Last week, Time Magazine ran a cover story that asked, "Is Hell Dead?"

Today, it named Rep. Michele Bachmann to it's "Most Influential" list, and got Rush Limbaugh to write the hagiography.

Make of that what you will.

Time's editors made the final selection, but they asked readers to use social to offer their own ranking. Bachmann caught wind of this opportunity, and for days now, she's been begging her Facebook fans to vote for her.

By gaming the system, she came in at No. 45 this morning. That's one place higher than Barack Obama, but one place lower than Hillary Clinton.

Here's Limbaugh:

Far from being the fringe outlier depicted by the mainstream media -- and all too often by some on the right -- she is a strong spokeswoman for unapologetic conservatism.

She is neither extreme nor unreasonable.

Bachmann tweeted the obligatory "I'm humbled" message this morning:

Michele Bachmann: Humbled.
That's another campaign in the bag. What's next?

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