Michele Bachmann not ready to debate Republicans

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Not ready to debate.
Michele Bachmann claims she's not afraid to debate President Barack Obama, but she's not sure she's ready for a prime time debate with other Republicans first, in what she calls the key stepping stone state of South Carolina.

But in order to qualify as a serious White House candidate for the debate to be broadcast May 5 by Fox News, Bachmann would have to register an official presidential exploratory committee by April 29.

"I think it may be premature," she says.

But if the state is so crucial, and she's really serious about a White House run, wouldn't she be standing in line at the FEC to get the right papers filed on time? Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney have managed that. They're serious.

Bachmann predicts Obama will go down in flames, "metaphorically speasking." Wouldn't want South Carolina Republicans getting the wrong idea.
What could go wrong? The Fox debate is co-sponsored by the South Carolina Republican Party. She'd be preaching to the choir. Her new lines about promising to be a one-term president if people hate her, and how Obama hates America, would be a big hit.

In fact, "If the election were held today, Barack Obama would go down in flames, "metaphorically speaking, of course" she told one friendly crowd in South Carolina over the weekend.

Of course. Wouldn't want South Carolina Republicans to actually consider setting Obama on fire.

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