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Sooner or later, we thought we'd hear from Michele Bachmann in our comments section, thanks to our never ending documentation to show why she's easily the most qualified Republican to run against President Barack Obama in 2012.

And we were so close.

The double-"l" spelling used by one correspondent was the giveaway on the satire below, posted below our story on how the District 6 comgresswoman can't even gets the facts straight about her own family's history, let alone the Revolutionary War, slavery and the Founding Fathers.

Michelle Bachmann writes:

One of my biggest fears is that my freedom loving clear thinking Tea Party Republican base might read an article like this and realize "Holy cow! Michelle Bachmann is really a pathological liar and pretty much everything she says is stupid, untrue, and/or crazy." That's why on my website I'm currently offering the Tea Party Freedom Bubble for the low price of $49.99. Don't let your worldview be influenced by things like reason, facts, or logic, let the Freedom Bubble protect you. The Freedom Bubble is a plastic bag with an American Flag on it. (God's flag) Simple place the Tea Party Freedom Bubble over your head and breath in rapidly. Soon you won't be hearing any of the lamestream media's attacks on me. Especially their latest attack that you shouldn't listen to Michelle Bachmann when she tells you to put a plastic bag over your head.

Note, no matter what "Bachmann" recommends, DO NOT put that plastic bag over your head.

Read the original post here.

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Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

Thank you for this City Pages, I feel so honored. This reminds me of the time I won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction with my 1990 novel "The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love." Note: Fact checking this proves you are part of the lamestream media so just give it a rest huh?

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Just waiting for the day when the fake michelle (with two L's) starts posting his or her TRUE deepest thoughts. I thinking they go something like; Doot doot dootle-ootle doot-doot doo-doo, doot doot dootle-ootle doot-doot doo-doo... *circus music*

Careful now fake michelle, (with two L's) liberals already have proven their lack of reason, facts, and logic. Those "pesky" facts and figures always getting in the way of plucking them public heart strings. You may be unintentionally promoting a permanent mass exodus of your mentally disturbed liberal friends. Also with twisted liberal interpretation of the law, you also may be charged with "Assisting Suicide Over the Internet". Much like that Minnesota nurse charged with assisting suicide over the internet.

Now that I've "angered up the blood" of my liberal friends, let me help you relax. Look deep inside yourself and find that comforting, and ever so familiar melody which will transport you back to your "happy place". Ya know, that one with the "rose colored sky". There ya go. That's the tune.Doot doot dootle-ootle doot-doot doo-doo, doot doot dootle-ootle doot-doot doo-doo... Bet you feel better now.

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