Mitt Romney vs Tim Pawlenty: The campaign videos

And the Oscar goes to ...
When it comes to presidential campaign videos, Mitt Romney compares to Tim Pawlenty the way CSPAN compares to Fox News.

With Mitt, you get a rich, boring white Republican guy with great hair, droning into the camera about how awful Barack Obama is. Why so serious, Mitt?

With Pawlenty, you get a not-so-rich, boring white Republican guy carping about Obama, but he's all jazzed up to the point where you can't tell fact from fiction.

And since it's a given that anyone running for the White House is going to feed voters a boatload of hooey in order to get elected, we think T-Paw's hit the right note: Dress up the fiction and have a little fun.

If there was an Academy Award for Best Actor In A Campaign Video, our former governor would win, hands down.

Here's boring Mitt:

Here's action hero T-Paw:

And a sample fact check on them both, courtesy of Political Correction: Private sector job creation is chugging right along after the Bush recession.

Political Correction.

More T-Paw Movie Magic:

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