National Geographic names Minneapolis a Top 10 summer trip

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thrill to thrill
Since we're on the list, can we just stay put this summer? Gas isn't cheap, ya know.
If you were going to take one awesome trip this summer, where would you go? The remote mountains and ocean cliffs of Patagonia? The picture postcard perfect islands of the Stockholm Archipelago in Sweden?

Both sound quite exotic and, well, a little far away. Which is why we're happy that National Geographic Traveler says its list of the 10 Best Summer Trips of 2011 includes Minneapolis, and those destinations in South America and Scandinavia. We come in at No. 4.

The good news here for us in these lousy economic times is that we don't have to go anywhere this summer because we're already there. And tourists with fatter wallets than ours will lavish their hard-earned cash on us when they come here.

(Or so we hope.)

In the same league as Patagonia. (That's a good thing, right?)
What's so great about Minneapolis?

There's a "pedestrian-and-pedal-friendly downtown and welcoming Midwestern vibe," including NiceRide and Grand Rounds.

Endless winter gives birth to "a full throttle, June-August celebration of arts, music, and cultural festivals" including Aquatennial and 57 museums.

The "farmers markets (17) and fan-friendly Minnesota Twins baseball" are awesome. Heaven for foodies includes "the new CRAVE restaurant rooftop patio near the State Theatre."

Even Mall of America makes the cut. (Pssst. You folks at Nat Geo? We have a geographic nit to pick: MOA is actually in suburban Bloomington.)

Read the National Geographic Traveler story by clicking here.

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Yep, enjoy the few weeks of summer with a heap of crazed MNers. Cool. See you in a few.

Have You Ever Been Here?
Have You Ever Been Here?

I have no idea what National Geographic is smoking. Somebody paid Somebody, because anyone who has been here or lived here surely must know Crave, run by the Condom Kingdom Brothers, the Twins Ballpark tax whirlpool, or the farmers market (the Annex portion which is run privately with many stalls run by the property owner at direct odds with the rest of the tenants)... and the MOA? This place has culture! OMFG Please!

Forward Pride
Forward Pride

Wow, number four, huh? Well, it is a lovely metropolis with a lot of culture. We have one of the best symphony orchestras in the world (although they're not quite as active in the summer). We have a great theatre and live music scene. We have less pollution and less crime than many metropolitan areas. (can you tell I'm taking a deep breath and counting my blessings after a really hard winter?) Another thing I love about living here is the proximity to a lot of lovely hiking and camping destinations. Minnesota's and Winsconsin's state parks are very beautiful, mostly very well-kept, and there are many within an easy drive.

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