National Organization for Marriage, Minnesota Family Council accused of lobbying breach

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Confused about who and what they wanted you to vote for?
Two anti-gay marriage groups, one of them national and one based here in Minnesota, are being accused of hiding hundreds of thousands of dollars in lobbying expenditures during 2010.

Common Cause Minnesota filed complaints against the National Organization for Marriage and the Minnesota Family Council with the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Disclosure Board today.

Among the alleged offenses are a radio ad from Aug. 17 and a TV ad from Sept. 23 that the two groups released together, that both encouraged voters to support Republican Tom Emmer for governor and a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

The intent of both spots is clear as daylight, even if they danced around specific calls for action: When your favored special interest group is dead set against gay marriage and it tells you to be sure to vote on Election Day, you know what they're asking for, Common Cause says. And if NOM wants to influence voters, then it needs to register as a lobbying organization with the State of Minnesota and file the required transparency reports. [Read the NOM complaint here.] In MFC's case, they are also need to file the right paperwork. [Read the MFC complaint here.]

This isn't the first time NOM has run afoul of the state's lobbying rules. AP dug into their tactics in 2006. And the Minnesota Independent called NOM out last year.

Here's a sampling of their handiwork:

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Trademark Litigation
Trademark Litigation

Here is a similar story

GAY marriage advocates, who were “snubbed” by the Prime Minister and heckled by police outside Luna Park last week, were “just happy to be there”, a local member of the group said.

Cremorne resident and proud gay man Nathan Thomas said the demonstrators wanted a response from Prime Minister Julia Gillard on why the government opposed same-sex unions.

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

Please learn the Bible lamestream City Pages media sheesh. I call your attention to the following passages "Thou shall bear false witness when it involves gay people for all commandments should be broken to oppress thine gays." Chapter 1: Verse 13 Amendments to the 10 commandments Surely Jesus and God are cool with these good Christians not telling the truth and breaking the laws because it was a way to get the Democrats. I am a proud member of the Religious Right in America. Every day I wake up and ask myself, what would Jesus be doing if he was alive today? Obviously he would be picking on gay people and giving tax cuts to the rich. Don't believe me? It's in the Bible. Where in the Bible? Shut-up. Any questions?

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