Newt Gingrich, adulterer, will raise cash for Minnesota Family Council

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Do as Newt says, not as he does.
Newt Gingrich, currently enjoying his third sanctity of marriage, is coming to Minnesota in May to headline a fundraiser for the values voters folks at the Minnesota Family Council.

For $100 a pop, the guy who cheated on one cancer-stricken wife, and then cheated on his second wife while hounding Philanderer-in-Chief Bill Clinton, plans to tell the faithful how to live a godly life, and how to make sure that everyone else does the same.

Let Newt be our moral compass, as it were.

Newt Gingrich is currently enjoying his third sanctity of marriage, with Callista Bisek.
Maybe those assembled, including Michele Bachmann, will hear Newt's hilarious excuse for his rank hypocrisy when it comes to marriage vows: His patriotism was so firm, so deep that it drove him into the arms of a congressional staffer 23 years his junior named Callista Bisek.

It's all good now, though. Callista helped turn him in to a Roman Catholic, and he's making high moral living -- and freaking out about Islam -- a centerpiece of his probable campaign for president.

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