Nice Ride 2011 rolls out with mechanical and billing snafu

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Nice Ride MN
The snafu is over, Nice Ride reports.
Season No. 2 for our nifty bike share program Nice Ride rolled out in a less than spectacular fashion over the weekend: Some customers wanted to return their bikes, but they couldn't.

We hear that riders were treated to nasty grinding noises when they tried to dock their bikes. And the rental wouldn't close out properly, meaning they could be denied another rental, and maybe be billed for late fees.

That's not exactly a stable revenue model.

Nice Ride blamed the snafu on some mechanical upgrades made to the bike docks over the winter, and crews fanned out Saturday to get the system back up and running to spec. We saw one team at work in the North Loop. And the organization kept customers up to date on Facebook and its homepage.

nice ride map.jpg
Nice Ride MN
Nice Ride's bike stations: There are more coming this year. Click to enlarge.
The problems should be fixed now, and Nice Ride reports 350 bikes in service at 56 stations around Minneapolis. The number of rental stations will grow to more than 100 over the course of the spring and summer, extending into North, South, Southwest and Northeast Minneapolis.


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