Playboy names University of Wisconsin a Top 10 party school

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Sydney Max, of Chicago, representing Wisconsin.
Thousands of horny bros at the University of Wisconsin probably started fingering their iPhones at this news: Playboy has named the land of Bucky Badger America's No. 6 party school.

And before you ask, no, the University of Minnesota didn't make the cut.

Representing Wisconsin in the photo spread: Barely-clothed Sydney Max, Playboy's "Coed of the Week" on Feb. 11 2010.

Sydney Max, cheese head cheesecake.
In Badgerland the beer flows freely, there's always a sports team to toast and every night offers an array of things to do. Even winter can't squelch that feisty Badger spirit; Madison's frosty temps give students one more reason to imbibe and cozy up to a warm body. And then there are the epic weekend-long parties--Halloween and the Mifflin Street Block Party being the two standout events. Past celebrations got so big, riots broke out.

Fine. As if Dinkytown on a weekend night in February isn't flooded with under-dressed, shivering, intoxicated students.

And a note to you kids in Madison: Sydney graduated last year, according to her Facebook page, so don't bother working out your pickup lines. She's gone.

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Abin Clane
Abin Clane

Good for those schools who were able to enter the list since they are also commended for having a great curriculum for students. Here’s great article listing the best party schools that also rank high in academics, and those that rank worst in academics, something to consider when needing to pay back a private student loan.

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