Republicans fast track proposed constitutional amendment aimed at banning gay marriage

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Warren Limmer knows what's best for your marriage.
Republicans in the state Senate have announced they are fast-tracking a bill that would put a state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage before the voters by 2012.

Might as well get started now, they say, so that we can all have plenty of "discussion" before the next election.

Because there just hasn't been enough "discussion," bitterness, acrimony and general fear mongering yet over this issue?

Here's Maple Grove Sen. Warren Limmer, one of three senators who announced the legislation today:

"The proposed constitutional amendment asks voters to define marriage as solely between one man and one woman in Minnesota. This issue constantly comes up during legislative sessions and it's time for the people to decide. Allowing a small number of politicians, or activist judges in St. Paul to decide the definition of marriage would not be acceptable. We propose an early passage in the legislature this year, followed by a year discussion in our communities statewide in order to be prepared to vote in next year's General Election."

Minnesota already has a law on the books defining whom its citizens are allowed to marry, but the change to the state constitution is aimed at throttling potential legal challenges. Here's what it would say:

"Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to provide that only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Minnesota?"

Republicans have tried for years to get this question onto a statewide ballot, but they've been stymied by DFL control in St. Paul. Now that the power is all theirs, it's all but certain the proposed amendment will sail through both chambers and go before the voters.

Democrats, including Gov. Mark Dayton, can stand by and object, but they are more or less powerless to stop the process.

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Dr. McDreamy
Dr. McDreamy

Babies are made by a man inserting his thing into a woman's thing.

AIDS are spread when a man inserts his thing into a man's pooper.



I am so saddened to hear that Rep. Limmer's marriage is in trouble. Everyone deserves for their union to be strong and healthy. My gay partner and our son will be praying for his marriage tonight at the dinner table. If that doesn't work, I suppose he'll need this amendment to keep his wife from leaving him.


"A small number of politicians" deciding things is what democracy is all about. If we need to vote on this, we need to vote on EVERYTHING.

Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

You are welcome Minnesota voters. In 2010 the Tea Party listened to the voice of people when they screamed "get the gays." Well folks Republicans have delivered. There is no issue more important than keeping gay in their place. Think of all the jobs that will be created when Minnesota passes this law. Remember folks make sure you vote to really shove it in the faces of gay people. Think of how proud Jesus must be to look down and finally see that the gays are being bullied again. The lamestream media and the Dumbocrats in this country will tell you that a true Christian would spend his time helping the poor, sick and needy but don't be fooled oh smart people. The Christian Right knows how a true Christian in this country will act, with hate and bigotry in their heart. Remember the teachings of Jesus Christ in John 3:16 "Go out and get thine gays. Bash them with rocks and sticks. Shout at them and release the hate in your heart. Make them bleed because all men are not created equal. Especially gay men."

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