Rev. Daniel Dahlberg admits stealing $10K from church, gambling it away

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Rev. Daniel Dahlberg traded his robes for gambling dough
Rev. Daniel J. Dahlberg had an itch for a little gambling money.

So he took some from the people in his flock. Dahlberg, the 68-year-old pastor of St. Patrick's in Hudson, Wisconsin, was charged this week with stealing $10,800 from the church's fund for the needy.

"It is very likely that this misconduct is the result of a serious gambling addiction which has led to personal financial issues and impaired Fr. Dan's judgment," church trustees Samuel Cari and Claire Zajac wrote in a letter.

Since he joined St. Patrick's in 2009, Dahlberg had sole access to the church's fund for helping local people. Over a period of 16 months, he slowly nabbed $10,800 from the fund. When irregularities started to appear in the church books, the church leadership became suspicious and confronted him, and Dahlberg admitted that he'd taken the money.

The erring priest stepped down from his post on March 21,and started treatment for his addiction shortly after, according to a recent letter to parishioners at the church.

The church trustees set up a plan for Dahlberg to pay back the full amount, and before he departed Dahlberg remitted his first $500. Then an anonymous third party offered Dahlberg a check made out for $10,300, so Dahlberg was off the hook. He handed over the full amount.

Dahlberg took over as pastor of St. Patrick's in 2009. Before, he'd worked as vicar general of Wisconsin's Superior Diocese, the diocese's second-highest post, from 1998.

St. Patrick's has been through a lot. In 2002, the funeral director Daniel O'Connell, 39, and James Ellison, 22 were shot at the O'Connell family's funeral home in northwestern Wisconsin.
In 2004, their pastor the Rev. Ryan Erickson, hanged himself just days after police questioned him about the killings. A year later, a St. Croix County judge found probable cause that Erickson shot O'Connell and Ellison, and that he'd probably molested at least one teenage boy.

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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

"addiction" what a joke.A scum bag is a scum bag is a scum bag. The "church's fund for helping local people" Ya, apparently he thought he qualified as "local"Perhaps even he doesn't believe in "Thou shall not steel".

But due to his phony "addiction", he probably will receive compassionate christian sympathy and no criminal charges will be filed. The pastor at my church did something similar a few years back. He took more than $225,000 over a period of 5-6 years. And that piece of work got compassionate christian sympathy and no criminal charges were filed. They relinquished his pastorship and that's it.I said, "hell no, I know people that break thumbs for not paying them the $10 you owe them".

I say fire the church janitor and lawn crew, and make him WORK IT OFF.


@Kirk the Conservative Jerk Gambling *is* a bona fide addiction. That's why Gamblers Anonymous has existed for ages. This is why it wasn't a good idea to bring back casinos all over the place. They should have stayed only in Vegas and Atlantic City. Period.

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