Steven Cowan sentenced for shooting TV over Bristol Palin's "Dancing With The Stars" episode

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Steven Cowan blew away his TV over Bristol Palin's "dancing."
Steven Cowan had the same reaction as a lot of Americans who watched Bristol Palin's misadventures on "Dancing With The Stars" last season: He went nuts.

So nuts, in fact, that the 67-year-old Dane County man shot out his TV and then got into a standoff with police.

As we've said before, those Palins bring out the best in people.

In Cowan's case last November, he was disgusted that Bristol kept making the cut on DWTS, even though the judges on the show knew she was just coasting on mom Sarah Sarah's name.

"The fucking politics," he hollered at one point, and then unloaded a few rounds from a single-shot shotgun into the TV.

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From the complaint against Cowan.
His wife, Janice, grabbed her purse and fled. She was afraid he'd shoot her. And as she left, he also threatened to shoot himself.

That didn't happen. Instead, she and the police returned to the house and the 14-hour standoff began. He was arrested. And the following month he resigned from his post on the Vermont Board of Supervisors.

Palin danced and Cowan opened fire on his TV set.
Cowan originally pleaded not guilty to felony charges in Dane County Circuit Court, by way of mental disease or defect; his wife described him as bipolar, and he'd been off his meds and drinking the night he shot out the TV.

Eventually, he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct and negligent handling of a weapon and a felony count of failing to comply with a police officer's orders. He's now been sentenced to three years probation. If he stays out of trouble the, the4 felony charge will be dismissed.


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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

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You sir, are a nob suck - you have no idea - FOX is never liberal, it's republican dogma, appealing to the uneducated like yourself.

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