Sven Sundgaard's shirtless Lavender cover shot

Whipping up dessert.
KARE 11 weather stud Sven Sundgaard is shirtless on the cover of the latest Lavender magazine -- with an apron, and smudged with brown goop that's supposed to be chocolate pudding.

It looks like good clean fun to us. But to read the Strib's gossip columnist, you'd think this spelled the end of TV news ethics (again).

Unlike Lavender, which has a brand to promote, Sundgaard has an image to uphold and as such is photographed here in a fashion unbecoming an anchor, according to sources in local broadcasting.

The "fashion unbecoming an anchor" is simply the latest Sundgaard promotion of a cause near and dear, Dining Out For Life, which raises money to help folks living with HIV/AIDS.

Besides, you want Sven looking buff? Check out his Facebook page. This is not a man shy about taking off his shirt.

And is it really any worse than Jason DeRusha wearing Zubaz?

Here's the Lavender cover. Does it spell doom for KARE 11? Take the poll below.

Conduct unbecoming?
If you got it, flaunt it, right?

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