Timberwolves are officially the worst team in the NBA

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Kurt Rambis: Should he stay or should he go?
Maybe this is being overly optimistic, but the only good thing about ending the season with the worst record in the National Basketball League may be that the Timberwolves now have nowhere to go but up.

After a 121-102 drubbing at the hands of the Houston Rockets last night that capped a 15-game losing streak and a 17-65 season, the question now is whether head coach Kurt Rambis will be around for the climb out of the ditch.

His numbers in two seasons with the Wolves: 32-132.

Team president David Kahn hosted a news conference yesterday in which he declared that he loved the players on his overhauled roster, loved their vibe, loved the way (he says) other teams look on them as up-and-comers.

But "this isn't the right time to make a decision" about Rambis, he said. Instead, all his players need is some "fine tuning."

It doesn't seem beyond the real of possibility, then, that he's digging around in his workshop for some WD-40 with which to loosen Rambis from his contract, does it? Kahn said the coach's fate will be revealed in the coming weeks.


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I was really optomistic at the beginning of the season! This team seemed to have a fair amount of talent. I think the biggest problem this team has is defense.. We got killed at the three point line almost every game. You would think that Rambis would try and make adjustments for this but it never happened. So frustrating watching some nobobdy from the other team have a career night at the three point line almost every night! I think Rambis should trade positions with Lambeer!! Lambeer at least has a proven record of winning as a head coach!!

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