Timothy Ayman Bakdash arrested in hit-and-run that killed Ben Van Handel

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Ben Van Handel
Minneapolis police have just confirmed that they've arrested Timothy Ayman Bakdash on probable cause murder charges related to the hit-and-run crash last Friday morning that claimed the life of Ben Van Handel.

Bakdash, 29, was arrested Thursday evening, MPD spokesman Sgt. Stephen McCarty tells us. He's being held at the Hennepin County jail.

Van Handel died yesterday of wounds he suffered when a car going the wrong way down 5th Street in Dinkytown jumped up onto the sidewalk doing 30 mph and knocked him down. The University of Minnesota senior was two weeks away from graduating with a degree in economics.

Bakdash, who lives in Roseville, has had plenty of previous run-ins with the law, including convictions in 2005 for possession of a small amount of weed, in 2008 on careless driving charges, and in 2009 on drunken driving charges.


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Why no mugshot of this Baklash Bakdash?? Get with it!

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