Timothy Bakdash: Police refuse to release mug shots

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Ben Van Handel was killed after being struck by a car in Dinkytown April 15.
It was last Thursday that police arrested Timothy Ayman Bakdash and charged him with second-degree murder for deliberately running his car onto the sidewalk and into three university students in Dinkytown.

But in an unusual move, the police have so far refused to release arrest photos of the 29-year-old Roseville man, or of his mother, Diane, who was arrested for signing the title of the car her son was driving so he could sell it in hopes of eluding the authorities.

Ordinarily, police make booking photographs available to the media shortly after an arrest. Neither the Hennepin County Attorney's Office nor Timothy Bakdash's lawyer know why this situation is being treated differently.

"It's on an investigative hold," says Minneapolis Police spokesman Sgt. Stephen McCarty. "The photo's being held because an investigation is ongoing." McCarty declined to elaborate on the reason for the hold.

Staff at the Hennepin County public safety facility said the booking photo for Diane Bakdash may be released by May 1, but her son's mugshot is being withheld "indefinitely."

Timothy Bakdash made a brief appearance in a no-cameras-allowed courtroom today. Dressed in a blue jumpsuit, with short, dark hair and stubble, he fidgeted with his hands and spoke only enough to confirm his address to Judge Daniel Mabley.

The hearing was continued to Thursday afternoon to allow Bakdash to finalize his legal team.

Bakdash's lawyer, Joe Tamborino, told reporters after the hearing it was too early to say how his client will plead, but that Bakdash is holding up "as best as can be expected with these kinds of serious charges."

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Through a simple google image search, this could be the mother... If she works at a psychiatry office in Chanhassen, then there's a whole lot of cruel irony going on here...



Indeed, it appears as though the name 'ayman bakdash' is of purely Syran ethnic origin. Anyone want to bet that the 'Timothy' is a tacked-on vanity name??


Must be to protect the sensibilities of some minority or another.......


If you want to play the race card, Syrians look pretty much "white" buddy.  If you mean "ethnic" to mean lusciously tan skin and dark hair, I know some Swedes and Finns you can meet.

Jeremy B
Jeremy B

No, seriously, you can stop being a racist dick now.


Or, more logically, it could be because the police are continuing to investigate and want to do photo lineups of the suspects to the people who may have witnessed the altercation in the bar or some other element of the crime. Police typically release mug shots only after all possible identifications are made....given the speed with which this case developed, it is quite possible that the police are still investigating other elements.

But if you think the hooves are zebras and not horses, I guess that's cool...

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