Timothy Noirjean hacks into women's Facebook accounts and posts private pictures to porn site

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This isn't one of Noirjean's victims, but the internet is still a terrible place.
You can crank your Facebook privacy settings as high as you want, but it won't do any good if someone gets access to your account. Let that happen, and you might soon find yourself staring at your private pictures posted to an internet sex site.

That's what happened to a 20-year-old Oakdale woman recently, after she was tricked into giving away the answer to her password security question.

The woman was instant-messaging with a Facebook friend, when she found she was locked out of her Facebook account. The password had been changed.

When she finally was able to log on, she got a message from the same friend--directing her to a porn site where she found private pictures stolen from her email account.

It wasn't her friend who did this to her, of course. That account had been hacked too, by 26-year-old Timothy Noirjean of Woodbury.

Noirjean confessed to the police when they finally confronted him in his parents' basement, but insisted he didn't know that what he did was wrong. (Terrific defense, dude! Stick with that!)

When the cops looked through Norjean's computer, they found 235 other women's email addresses and security information, as well as 92 folders full of women's names and photographs.

Norjean has been charged with 13 counts of identity theft, and has his first date in Washington County Court next Tuesday.

In the meantime, now is probably a good time to review a fundamental rule for paranoiacs in this brave new digital world: Never post anything online, or email anything, or save anything to your computer, or photograph anything, or do anything, even in your sleep, even alone in the bathroom, that you wouldn't want to see plastered all over a porn site.

This is the world we live in.

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