TPAW: What does it mean?

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Matt VisionQuest
Even his own nickname has turned against him!
Hijacking politicians' names has become an honored political pastime. Alt weekly sex columnist Dan Savage successfully re-branded Santorum as a substance too disgusting to describe.

So it was perhaps inevitable that T-Paw's sobriquet wouldn't remain untouched for long.

But, it turns out there's already another meaning for TPAW on the internet, and it's a sad reflection of the former Minnesota governor's new spotlight-seeking reality.

TPAW, when treated as an acronym, actually has an entirely different meaning in Urban Dictionary-ese.

T-Paw is desperate for attention

Top President Approaching White House? No, it's much more apt than that:

Top-Posting Attention-Whore: Someone who regularly posts a new craigslist forum entry at the top to feed their need for personal attention.

That sounds kind of like a guy who would post grandiose trailers of himself on YouTube pretending to be an action star.

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