Tuan Pham's Jesus statue set on fire

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Tuan Pham's statue of Jesus can be seen atop the Mississippi River bluffs.
First, the St. Paul Zoning Board told Tuan Pham he had to pull down his 7-foot-tall statue of Jesus because it violated city code.

Now, someone has tried to burn it down.

Pham and his family awoke for church on Sunday for church, and were shocked by the sight of a pile of lumber burning at the base of the statue.

While his daughter called 911, and then took pictures, he began to put the fire out. The statue survived, but there are some burn marks at the feet of Jesus.

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Pham's statue, above, is a replica of the 105-foot-tall Christ of Vung Tau in Vietnam.
Pham told us last week the statue is a labor of love he had built in Vietnam as an addition to a prayer garden on his property. It was re-assembled here in his "prayer garden."

Pham's problem is that the statue was assembled just 18 feet from the Mississippi River bluff drop off in his back yard, where it can be seen far and wide. But city code requires that any development there be 40 feet back.

Pham appealed to the zoning board last week, but they weren't moved. Now he and his family are shaking their heads at this insult added to their injury.

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