Twins' Earth Day ball cap is a Green Monster

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The Minnesota Twins are avowed tree huggers, unless you're talking about the trees in their own stadium. They didn't want to see those trees, so they dug 'em up and shipped 'em off to greener pastures.

Now, this being Earth Day, the local nine are doubling down on their enviro street cred by rolling out green ball caps with the official team logo. Maybe they can break a bat or two, and we'll have a two-fer.

Earth Day caps! We'll be wearing these tonight. Happy Earth Day! than a minute ago via Twitpic Favorite Retweet Reply

Here's the Twins' version of the Green Monster (with apologies to the Red Sox).


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Everyday is earth day so they should wear these EVERY DAY! And then they should try to please Gaia by fielding a team of womyn.

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