Twister's greatest moments in pop culture

Since its inception as an advertising gimmick for a shoe wax company, Twister has come a long way. Almost 50 years later, it's been played by 65 million people, and everyone from Johnny Carson to Keanu Reeves to Taylor Swift has been tied in knots on its colorful game board.

Here are some of the most memorable pop culture moments in Twister's storied history.

Jimmy Carson Vs. Eva Gabor

Despite concerns that the game was too sexy, Johnny Carson played a game of Twister on The Tonight Show with Eva Gabor in 1966. The publicity stunt saved the game from prudish retailers who were trying to have the product pulled--consumer demand won the day:

Eva Gabor twister.jpg

Weird Al Yankovic
Fast forward to 1988--Weird Al parodies the Beastie Boys with some extremely G-rated lyrics in his song "Twister" from the "Even Worse" album:

Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

In order to escape from hell, Bill and Ted must beat Death at a game of their choosing in this 1991 sequel to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. They have only one choice: Out-twist the reaper:

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