University of North Dakota fan punches hole in Xcel Center wall

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Last night's Frozen Four hockey semifinals disintegrated into fisticuffs last night as the University of Michigan pulled off a win against University of North Dakota.

But the fight wasn't on the ice -- it was between one UND fan and the wall of the Xcel Energy Center. The result -- a fist-shaped hole in the dry wall above Section 120.

"We hope fans look for less painful, more peaceful ways to release their frustration," says Xcel Center spokeswoman Kathy O'Connor.

Apparently, the punchy fan was accompanied by an equally drunk female counterpart who spent most of the third period silently freaking out as UND failed to tie up the 0-1 score. When Michigan scored the game-ending goal on an empty net, it was apparently too much for the poor guy, who lurched up out of his seat and punched the wall above him. Then he did it again, putting his fist clear through the wall. It's about 7-feet-6-inches high, so either hockey fans can jump, or this was one big dude.

Which might explain why no one stopped him as the couple beat a hasty retreat. No one has been able to ID them, but the Xcel Center sure would like to know who this asshole was.

"If anyone knows the person we'd love to have them contact us," O'Connor told us.

So put them on blast, hockey fans -- Section 120, row 26. Meanwhile, this poor guy is stuck doing the repairs. Thanks a lot, UND guy, whoever you are. You suck.

xcel hole repair 2.jpg
Fixing the hole.

xcel hole repair.jpg
Job security, courtesy of UND.

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Michelle Bachmann
Michelle Bachmann

North Dakota fans are stupid classless trash. I go to the Final Five every year. If a Wisconsin, UMD, or any other rival school sees my proud Golden Gophers gear I might get a little all in fun teasing but nothing more. Only the fat, drunk, stupid Sioux fans come up and get in your face and challenge you to a fight. What do you expect from a bunch of idiots that think a sports team name is worth millions of dollars in legal fees? Just reflects the quality of education you get at North Dakota I guess. Luckily these goobers will soon be in a small conference. Go Gophers, Go Big Ten.

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