Vikings need more than one boring new stadium: Comment Of The Day

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What's wrong with the Metrodome? (Oh, wait.)
The new Vikings stadium bill dropped on Friday, posing in part as a jobs bill, and with the requirement that the team pay for just one-third of the facility's construction cost is already grating on our commenters' nerves.

"Yeah...they should build a new stadium, then tear it down, and then build it again. That will create even MORE jobs," says "green23."

Then they can build a couple extra stadiums so that the Vikings don't have to play all EIGHT of those home games in the same old boring stadium. You know what that means: MORE "benefit" and MORE jobs! Whatever "benefit" we would get from a new stadium could be obtained from the Metrodome. It's good enough for eight days a year. I've seen games there, and it seemed as if people had a good time.

What you think? Should the Vikings pay more for their stadium? Should taxpayers be on the hook for any of it all? Let us know in the comments.

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One thing that is lost here is that my comment was a facetious one, in reply to another commenter who advocated a new stadium because it will create jobs and provide "benefit". Really, Hart, I thought that was obvious. I just took the commenter's point to its logical extreme: build multiple stadiums and create more jobs. If THAT'S the only criteria you use to justify building a new stadium, then why not build a hundred stadiums?

Of course, the roof has to be fixed. The fact remains that I and other people have managed somehow to enjoy football games in the Metrodome for a long time, with an intact roof.

How many people tear down their 30 year-old homes when faced with the expense of a new roof? Are we going to tear down any new stadium when a toilet backs up?

Like I said before (which you left out): Let the Vikings sell bonds and let the fans invest (and profit) in the stadium. It's a private business, not a public-sector endeavour.


No money should be taken from the public without individual choice. You want a new stadium? Pay more for your ticket. The Vikes should pay for the whole damn thing themselves though.


The Vikings will get their 1/3 "investment" back (and then some) when they sell the naming rights on a new stadium. So the team isn't really putting ANY money into the stadium at all, which exists to make money for the team.

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