Will Steger baffled by Tim Pawlenty's global warming flip flop

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Steger sees the politics behind Pawlenty's about face.
Arctic explorer Will Steger, who's seen more evidence of global warming up close and personal than most of us ever will outside the pages of National Geographic, was once really proud of the way Tim Pawlenty listened to science and evidence about climate change.

Now he's just "baffled" by Pawlenty's flip flop, and today's Mother Jones gives him ample room to air his concerns.

In 2006, the two began collaborating on public awareness campaigns. In 2007, Pawlenty signed the Next Generation Energy Act, and said:

"The nation has been asleep at the switch, but here in Minnesota we are kick-starting the future by increasing our nation-leading per capita renewable fuel use, boosting cost-saving measures and tackling greenhouse gas emissions."
The Strib caught the flavor of Pawlenty the tree hugger in 2007:
"The jury should be in on this issue - climate change is occurring," Pawlenty, the buttoned-down Republican, said at a news briefing, standing alongside Steger, the Arctic explorer and environmental activist, dressed casually in sweater. Pawlenty said he wants to "reach out with Will to convince the skeptics."

Mothers Jones looks at Tim Pawlenty's global warming flip flop.
"I really believed that morally we were on the same level. We saw the moral imperative," Steger says in this month's Mother Jones. "And he understood, and back then, he chose to veer in another direction [from his party], which took a lot of guts. I have to respect that."

But by 2008, when Pawlenty thought he had a shot at being John McCain's running mate, his support for climate science began to melt like an Alaskan glacier.

Now, trying to appeal to the Republican climate change deniers in his own quest for the White House, Pawlenty has thrown settled climate science, people like Steger, under the bus.

He told Laura Ingrham, "As to climate change - or more specifically cap-and-trade - I've just come out and admitted and said, 'Look, it was a mistake. It was stupid. I'm not going to try to defend it.'"

He told The Economist that the earth might be warming, but that it is unclear "to what extent that is the result of natural causes."

Contrary to the evidence, "I think climate change occurs, but the bulk of it is natural, historic trends in the climate," Pawlenty told a Colorado radio host. "There is some suggestion that humans have caused some of it."

"I'm baffled by that," Steger tells Mother Jones. "But I think he's getting information from the wrong source and it's really too bad for our children. It's reckless."

Reckless it may be, but it just might win him the Republican nomination.

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Red Buttocks
Red Buttocks

Global Warming ranks right up there with Harold Camping's Rapture. Oh, except Camping doesn't get second chances. Or third chances. His followers are not the real Kool-Aid chuggers around here.


Steger is baffled because he can't comprehend political expediency as a motivation. It indicates he is a decent man, unlike Mr. Pawlenty who clearly understands political expediency inside and out.

Minne Poore
Minne Poore

I wonder if the IRS has ever audited Steger for the millions in free money (grants) he has received to take vacations to exotic and remote places? We need the rich to pay their fair share and it's time for all the None Profits and grantee's to pay up!

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

"baffled" Mr Steger?

Oh, I forgot. You morons view this "global warming" crap as a religion. We're supposed to have "blind faith" right.Pay no attention to the fact global ice has been increasing right?Pay no attention to the fact we have had below normal temperatures in many places right?

But what about the polar bears you might ask.Ya, their numbers have been increasing also.(notice how the "bear talk" is gone?)

The global alarmists now have to publish headlines like: "Antarctic Sea Ice Grows Despite Global Warming—But It Won’t Last"

Ever notice how all their "facts and figures" have disappeared from the news cycles?Kind of like them "military death tolls" during the Bush era huh?

Jim Steitz
Jim Steitz

I must assume Kirk is doing a satire of how conservatives think about climate science, since it's an ideal illustration of illiteracy and fallacy in causal reasoning.


you are fucking retarded

Mn SixthVoter
Mn SixthVoter

More service people have died n Afganistan under OBAMA than under Bush!Gas has gone up by 87% under OBAMAUnemployment is 9% but that is down only because OBAMA changed the formulaTheir are more polar bears today than ever beforeThe Universities LIED to push the GORE - Obama myth about global warmingIF you voted for OBAMA then you have blood on your hands, elected a liar and a guy who is not that smart.


http://www.cleveland.com/world...I realize that facts bounce off you like bullets off superman, but as an optimist , hope springs eternal that you may someday read and process information like a rational human.

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