Wisconsin dog "Big Boy" burned to death, 13-year-old arrested

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Screen grab via WISN
"Big Boy" had to be euthanized.
The animal abuse stories out of Wisconsin just keep getting worse.

First we had Bryan Hutcherson of Oshkosh, who starved his pit pull to death because feeding it was just too stressful. Now we have an unnamed 13-year-old in Milwaukee being investigated for beating a little dog with a stick, dousing it with gasoline, and setting it on fire.

Tyrone Skinner and Clarissa Burnette had given the miniature pinscher, named "Big Boy," to their kids two years ago as a present.

They let the little dog out for a run on April 9, and never saw it again.

How do you explain this dog's beating and burning to a little kid?
Now "Big Boy" is dead.

Animal control had to euthanize the poor thing because it was beaten and burned so badly. And animal lovers held a candlelight memorial for the dog on Sunday.

"I loved him; he was the best dog ever," 11-year-old Josephine Burnette told WISN.

How do you explain such a cold-heated attack on a defenseless animal like that to a little kid? Maybe the 13-year-old kid arrested in the case on Saturday has a good explanation.

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he needs to be locked up for everyone's protection..how long before he does it to a child


I agree, this little creep will grow to abuse children and more animals, Put him away. along with his parents as they should be held acountable too. I also agree, people who let their pets run. well how stupid are you.


I don't care how old or young the little sh*t is who did this to that dog, do the exact same thing to him, take your time, and make sure his family watches. I worked in a veterinary ER and humans are capable of unimaginable cruelty. This kid doesn't deserve to get any older.

Ultra Realist
Ultra Realist

Another case of a sociopath (doesn't matter the age) that needs to be exterminated for his actions. And shame on the owners of Big Boy who 'let him out for a run' unattended. I don't want any arguments here - I see enough as a volunteer who rescues animals from horrific conditions. This little bastard doesn't get to offer an explanation. He is a subhuman and he should be put down. Done ... next.

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