Al Franken skewers Apple over iPhone tracking [VIDEO]

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Al wants to know what Apple knows.
Al Franken pounced on Apple yesterday in a Senate hearing on privacy and mobile devices.

Franken had summoned Apple executives as well as representatives from Google and others to discuss the companies' privacy policies.

Specifically, Franken wanted to talk about the recent revelation that not only are Apple devices collecting precise location data all the time, they're also sharing that data with Apple, with third-party app developers, and with anyone who manages to get a hold of your phone or computer -- all without customers' knowledge or consent.

Franken noted that the same week Apple CEO Steve Jobs told the press Apple's tracking is remote and "doesn't tell you anything about your location," Apple also released a more technical answer, acknowledging that the tracking system lets an iPhone "Rapidly and accurately calculate it's location."

So, WTF? Franken essentially asked Apple Vice President Budd Tribble:

"Mr. Tribble, it doesn't appear to me that both these statements can be true at the same time."

Tribble hemmed and hawed, but ultimately conceded there's probably more Apple could be doing to protect its customers' privacy.

Here's video of the hearing. Franken's exchange with Tribble comes in around the 1:22 mark:

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That's ALWAYS been the trouble with Tribble!

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