Bachmann "all but in" presidential race now that Huckabee is out

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Michele Bachmann thinks the Huckster's given her an opening.
We still don't know if Michele Bachmann is smarter than a high school sophomore, but she's pretty much convinced herself that she's presidential material now that Fox News yakker Mike Huckabee has abandoned the 2012 presidential race.

Maybe God finally anointed her team. Maybe she finally got enough $50 votes. Either way, an unnamed source on Team Bachmann told CBS political reporter Jan Crawford this afternoon that the congresswoman is "all but in" the race.

With Huck out, Bachmann is all but in. A senior advisor tells me: "I can now say it is very likely she will decide to run for President."less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

So it's on to Iowa, where GOP insiders tell the Des Moines Register they expect Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, and Rick Santorum all to show up for the straw poll just 90 days from today.

Speaking of T-Paw, who hasn't formally announced his candidacy, he issued a statement after the Huckabee news broke: " I plan to work hard to earn the support of the millions of Americans who have supported him."


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Mr. Bitterness
Mr. Bitterness

So one more MN pol that won't be doing the job they were elected to do for the next 2 years.  Not that she did much, but it's the principal of the thing... 

David Foureyes
David Foureyes

Dear Michele's Staff: Please study conditional phrases. "All but in..." has a meaning...that meaning is "out".



 ? People don't hate HOW she talks, its WHAT comes out of it that disturbs the hell outta people.


what would citypages do without michelle bachmann???

i love how women from MN rip on her because of the way she talks, when 90% of the women here have an identical accent!! so threatened by a powerful conservative woman, the liberal will do anything in their power to be-little their oppsition 

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