Bachmann carpetbags in Iowa for presidential announcement

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She's serious.
Michele Bachmann has announced that she's going home in June to announce her White House intentions.

Not her home in the 6th congressional district. No, she's going "home" to Waterloo, Iowa. She hasn't lived there since she was small child (and she's faked her own family's roots) but Iowa's where the votes are come caucus time next February, so she's engaging in a little calculated carpetbagging.

It's hard to blame her. In Minnesota, the state that knows her best, only a quarter of the population thinks she's qualified to be president. Time to head south!

Not surprisingly, news of her pending announcement broke in one of Bachmann's classically mangled media moments.

Instead of appearing in person at a high profile Republican fundraising dinner, her voiced was piped in to reporters standing around a speaker phone -- she was stuck in Washington for the Patriot Act vote.

And instead of being the center of interest, she had to answer questions about competing with Sarah Palin, who coincidentally has just announced a bus tour and PR blitz that suggests she may run for the GOP nomination as well.

Maybe her real announcement will go better. Maybe she'll even look into the correct camera this time, too. Because she's serious.

"We already have hired staff in South Carolina, in New Hampshire, in Iowa," she told the reporters gathered around that speaker phone. "We have people on the ground." [HT: Bloomberg]

Still not serious enough to debate a high school sophomore. But serious enough to be "a pain the ass."

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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Ahhhh, can you smell the liberal fear?

"Maybe she'll even look into the correct camera this time, too."You guys are still confused on this?She was looking into the correct camera.There was a TEA Party camera on the scene.Would you like to see the video of her, LOOKING DIRECTLY AT THE TEA PARTY CAMERA?

But hey, many here are just that dumb to believe it....

The liberal shepherd says so, and all the liberal sheep go baa.When their shaving your ass, and shipping you off to the butcher, perhaps then you will wake up.  Unfortunately it's to late at that point.

Jeremy B
Jeremy B

You are the Internet's premiere cut-up artist, no doubt about it. Who else could string random words together and make them sound almost coherent?


I can't tell who is the bigger dumb-ass here,,Michelle Bachmann or the one that supports her.


If this is "carpetbagging" we need a new term for real carpetbagging.

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