Bling burglar caught on camera [PHOTOS]

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Seen this guy? Give MPD a call.
A burglar with a taste for bling has been hitting up some high-end homes using what Minneapolis police are calling sophisticated tactics in Minneapolis, Edina, Minnetonka, Wayzata and Plymouth.

Sophisticated he may be, but he wasn't smart enough to evade at least one set of security cameras.

MPD says the city burglaries began in January and and lasted through April. In each case, the burglar knocked out alarm systems during the daytime, often when homeowners were away for extended periods. After breaking in, he'd make off with jewelry, cash, checkbooks and pricey electronics.

Have you seen this guy? Give Sgt. James Jensen at the Fifth Precinct Property Crimes Unit a call at 612-673-5587 if you can help.

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one of these days he will end up with a bullet in the face, not everyone lies down and takes this kind of sh*t, even in the suburbs

we dont call the cops to report robberies where i live, i call the morgue

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