Bradlee Dean's church spotted in Walmart parking lot

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Bradlee Dean in his track suit at the legislature.
Bradlee Dean wants very badly to be taken seriously. He begged Republican lawmakers to let him give the Legislature's opening prayer, then turned around and attacked them once the appearance blew up in the GOP's face.

But since even that negative attention served to raise Dean's profile even higher, it's worth remembering who Bradlee Dean actually is: the sort of guy who asks you for money in the Walmart parking lot.

OK, so it wasn't Dean himself manning the table in front of the Hutchinson Walmart yesterday afternoon; it was one of his young acolytes.

Sally Jo Sorensen
Bradlee Dean's operation, asking for money outside Walmart.
This is the real face of Bradlee Dean's ministry: the lonely picture of a kid trying to drum up donations at the strip-mall on a Monday afternoon.

When Sally Jo Sorensen of Bluestem Prairie stumbled across the fund-raising table for Dean's You Can Run But You Can't Hide International ministry yesterday on her way to buy some cat litter, she could practically see the tumbleweeds rolling past.

It hardly looked like the kind of operation that should be taken seriously by anyone, let alone Republicans in the state legislature who followed Dean's lead and voted to change Minnesota's Constitution.

It turns out that you can hide from Bradlee Dean, provided you are willing to shop at Target.

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