Bradlee Dean's "prayer" not first at Capitol to exclude Jews

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Terri Bonoff wanted Jews included in a Senate prayer. Bradlee Dean replied, "Get her name eradicated."
As offensive and creepy as Bradlee Dean's "prayer" was today at the state Capitol for other reasons, it's also not the first time that Jews have found themselves not welcomed by a Christian preacher offering an opening prayer to a legislative session.

And Dean barged his way into that controversy as well.

The controversy erupted back in March, when the Rev. Dennis Campbell told members of the state Senate they owed their fealty to Jesus -- which is a problem if you're Jewish, like Sen. Terri Bonoff, Democrat of Minnetonka. So she and others complained.

How dare she.

In response, we heard a loony claim from GOP Sen. David Brown about "intolerance for the name of Jesus on the Senate floor." But the real bigotry came later from Dean and Campbell on the radio, captured by the Minnesota Independent.

"Maybe what we need to do is get her name eradicated," Dean said. "She's looking to get rid of who we are as a people. Well, then, why don't we help her possibly leave?"

Bonoff's simple request for some religious tolerance was also met by a barrage of hate on her Facebook page.


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KEEP UP THE PRAYERS, Pastor Dean. And May CHRIST JESUS Keep HIS Hands On Your Life.Being Your Sheild And Great Reward.

Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson

This is very sad if they aren't allowing others to join in. Its not the first time I got to know about an event like this though. Everyone should be given freedom to join hands. A quote would say it all:"The true meaning of religion is thus not simply morality, but morality touched by emotion."

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