Daily Show: Minneapolis is The New Gay [VIDEO]

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The Daily Show
Jason Jones goes cruising at a Minneapolis Target.
When The Advocate declared Minneapolis the gayest city in America four months ago, the honor was celebrated locally but it also raised some eyebrows.

Really? Minneapolis? We're always ready to accept another best city award, but are we really gayer than, say, San Francisco?

That's exactly the question the Daily Show set out to ask this week, in a Jason Jones spot contrasting the "old gay" of San Francisco with the "new gay" of Minneapolis.

In the Daily Show take, San Francisco's leather daddies, sex shops, and gay men's choruses have been eclipsed by our city's new brand of gayness, which consists of... eating banana bread and shopping at Target.

So: is the segment a gentle jibe at Minnesota's stereotype of modest blandness, or a trenchant critique of the de-queerification of increasingly mainstreamed gay culture? Or is it just an excuse for Jason Jones to don fetishwear and get strapped to a bondage wheel?

Watch the clip and decide:

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Adam Robbins
Adam Robbins

It was a per capita measure of "gayness," and Minneapolis (excluding all the surrounding cities in the Metro) has a pretty small population compared to how LGBT it is. And the producer who spoke with us made it clear their intent was to show that "gay" doesn't (just) mean feather boas and leather gear anymore -- many LGBT people live very mainstream lives. I think the critique was more mild than trenchant and, generally, a message I can stand behind. 

Besides, it was pretty fun.

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