Dayton signs synthetic drug ban

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Synthetic marijuana, now even more like regular marijuana: it's illegal.
Governor Mark Dayton this week signed legislation that bans a variety of synthetic recreational drugs.

Synthetic marijuana compounds? Now listed as Schedule-I drugs. Bath salts? The same. Designer psychedelics 2C-E and 2C-I? Yep. Illegal to buy, sell or possess.

The new law, which kicks into effect July 1, effectively bans a variety of products that have flourished in the last year as legal alternatives to illegal drugs.

Head shops have had a bonanza with synthetic marijuana products, reporting this year that it accounted for more than half of their business.

Whether the expanded law will actually stop people from getting high is doubtful, though. Retailers say crafty chemists are already churning out new products that aren't covered by the new law.

No doubt we can look forward to more drugs and more laws in the coming year.

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Caleb Jones
Caleb Jones

It is specific synthetic cannabinoids and like chemical compounds found within some of the k2 herb blends which are being banned, not herbal incense itself. Some k2 smoke blends do not contain anything of the sort and so may continue to be sold in stores. Some seem to be confused by the fact that some incense blends are still being sold and that is why. They do not contain anything which violates any bans so consumers may continue to buy k2 as long as that holds true. It looks as though has several blends that are legal everywhere.

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