Edward Curtis shoots would-be Uptown attackers

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Two thugs picked the wrong target in Edward Curtiss.
The two thugs who tried mugging Edward Curtis in Uptown picked the wrong the target. The 61-year-old former Marine was armed.

Curtiss had just parked his car on Pillsbury Avenue near 25th Street and was on foot when the two guys appeared out of nowhere and, mistaking him for an easy mark, tackled the guy.

Bad call. Curtiss was able to pull out his pistol and get off three shots as they fought, scaring the would-be attackers into turning tail and running away.

"He had just parked his car in the parking lot," MPD Lt. Mike Fossum told the Star Tribune. "These guys blitzed him. They just started kicking his ass. He managed to get off three rounds."

Police say the two suspects, who struck Tuesday night, match the description of a couple of guys thought to be responsible for a rash of recent muggings and beatings in Uptown.

This isn't a part of the city that usually sees this kind of crime, and Minneapolis police have sent out neighborhood alerts, advising residents and visitors alike to keep their eyes open.

MPD spokesman Sgt. William Palmer told us yesterday that the muggings tend to take place between 11 p.m. and 1: 30 a.m., and the suspects are thought to be American Indian or Hispanic in appearance, dressed in black hooded sweatshirts.

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Whoever wrote this story lied on the title. Desperate for views huh?


I HOPE HE SHOT THEM. The more people that protect them selves the less punks will attack or will die trying. Both are good for all

Becky Lang
Becky Lang

wait did he shoot them or just shoot around them?


Not sure what you're talking about; the fact that he shot them (or at them) or the story.

If you're talking about him arming himself legally and taking on the responsibility of protecting and preserving his life, you're right.  It won't "stop crime".  However, what it did, and will do in the future, is allow this man the God-given right to life.  What would have happened to him had he not been armed?  We'll never know, fortunately. 

Too bad he didn't kill them.  Two less ingrates we law-abiding citizens would have to worry about... 

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