George Will tells Tim Pawlenty to knock off the "dime store Teddy Roosevelt" act

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Gadhafi Pawlenty.jpg
Gadhafi: Best known for slaughtering his own people. Pawlenty: Best known for being Minnesotan.
Tim Pawlenty has the whole Libyan civil war thing dialed. Screw the United Nations and the Arab Spring, it's time to Cowboy Up.

"I would tell Gadhafi he's got X number of days to get his affairs in order and go or we're going to go get him," our former governor says.

So simple! And it It worked out so well for the last Republican president who tried it. How come that doofus Obama never thought of such a thing?

Because it's nonsense, and besides, everyone knows T-Paw's not that tough, chides right field columnist George Will. That kind of goofy interventionism, "sounding like a dime-store Teddy Roosevelt," is so passé.

"Such chest-thumping bluster is not presidential, and is not Pawlenty's real persona," the bow-tied pundit opined. "He actually is a temperate Midwesterner."

We agree. Whatever happened to Minnesota Nice?

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