Legislature goes home with no budget

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Under the Capitol dome, no budget.
Republicans controlling the Legislature had five months to craft a bipartisan budget suitable for DFL Gov. Mark Dayton's signature, and they failed.

Now lawmakers have to come back for a special session that will either produce a budget to fund K-12 education, transportation, health and human services and the like, or bring about a state government shutdown.

If we're lucky, they may even pass a Vikings stadium deal.

But lawmakers got the really important stuff done: They passed a 2012 ballot question that seeks to enshrine a gay marriage ban in the state constitution -- in a state that already bans gay marriage.

They also managed to pass a redistricting bill that was promptly vetoed by the governor. And they got Dayton to sign off on a few bills, too: The ag budget, a revamped environmental permitting process, and new pathways for would-be teachers to get licensed.

Meanwhile, we still have $5 million budget shortfall. Unless there's a deal in place by June 30, the government shuts down.

Way to go, Legislature.

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Interesting. When the Democrats couldn't get a budget by Pawlenty, the wingnuts said it was obviously the Democrats' fault for submitting something that was "veto bait". Now, when the position is reversed, it is equally obvious (to wingnuts) that a gubernatorial veto is unreasonable.

But, as you point out, the important stuff was taken care of.

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

Um, Last year the democrats passed no budget bill for 2010.Yes that's right, they couldn't get anything sent to the Governors desk by May 2010.Pawlenty passed his own budget bill, because the Democrat controlled legislature failed to pass a budget, and Pawlenty feared a democrat caused government shutdown.Pawlenty's budget was challenged in the State Supreme Court because of it's cuts.Tim Pawenty's budget bill was then overturned by the Supreem Court because of "unconstitutional cuts" within.We still needed a budget bill.The Democrats then took most of what comprised Pawenty's budget bill and passed it in the house and finally sent a budget to the Governor for signing.Tim Pawenty then signed it as the official budget including all the cuts to the poor that the democrats proposed in their "last minute budget".It had most of Pawenty's previously challenged "unconstitutional cuts" to the poor.Local news sources like CP said something like:  Pawenty punishes the poor with his budget cuts, even though it was officially the democrats bill and thir cuts to the poor.

Any of this ring a bell?

If not, LOOK IT UP!

BTW green23, I searched for those words you used "Veto Bait" from Jan 2010-June 2010 and came up with only 1 source. I used Jan 2010- June 2010 because this would have been the time frame your referring to in reference to the budget bill of 2010.Funny thing was, the only source was in the Star and Sickle, and it was an editorial.  Was it your editorial green23? You call people wingnuts and were very specific that they used the words "Veto Bait".I see those words "veto bait" used a lot in recent media though.  "Veto Bait" has, and is being used by the Democrats to decribe the Republicans and their bills. Democrat operatives got you that mind f**ked green23 with THEIR code words?"Veto Bait" is a DEMOCRAT talking point green23.Who is the "wingnut" now?Check it out people!Green23 is LYING TO YOU!

Are you trying to rewrite history green23?

A lie told enough, becomes truth; right green23?

Green23 (AKA "Veto Bait" Bullshitter)Prove me wrongShould be easy, I sure CP will allow you to post your links.


Kirk, some people would read that scred and think that you are off your meds, but I know that the entire work is a product of a diet lacking in fibre, your uncanny ability to miss the point repeatedly and at length, and poor reading comprehension.

 I wrote four sentences. You chose one, and in order to work yourself into a froth over that sentence, you had to read an immense of meaning into words that I didn't write.

I wrote: When the Democrats couldn't get a budget by Pawlenty, the wingnuts said it was obviously the Democrats' fault for submitting something that was "veto bait".

Did I say "last year"? No. I put the words "veto bait" in quotation marks because it is a colloquial term, not because it was a direct quote. And you don't know what the word "wingnut" means, either.The rest of what you wrote is "straw man" arguments based on your misapprehension of my words. Oh, I put "straw man" in quotation marks. Time for another rant from Kirk about "bullshit quotes", I guess.

Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

They passed 10 budget and tax bills to fund state government with $34 billion for the two years beginning July 1.

However, Gov. Mark Dayton only signed a $79 million measure funding agriculture programs, including food inspection, into law.The bulk of the budget remained unfinished.

Apearently a 2 billion dollar or a 6% increase in state spending was not enough for Dayton who wanted a 17% increase in state spending.Wow, I wish we all could get a 6% increase in personal budgets.  Typical Government GREED!!!

BTW, Dayton DID NOT sign budget bills that 75% of democrats on the house floor voted FOR.Can we say; Dayton OPPOSES most House Democrats?

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