Matt Dean sort of apologizes to Neil Gaiman because his mom made him

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Matt Dean's mom didn't raise a name-calling bully. Or did she?
Just about everyone was taken aback yesterday when Minnesota House Majority Leader Matt Dean launched a peculiar and unhinged attack on noted local author Neil Gaiman.

In a discussion about arts funding through the Legacy Amendment, Dean suddenly revealed his inner Nelson Muntz, bringing up Gaiman, "who I hate," and calling the author a "pencil-necked little weasel."

UPDATE: Read Gaiman's reaction to Dean's half-assed apology

If the outburst made Dean look like some sort of petty schoolyard bully yesterday, that impression was only reinforced today, when he issued a grudging apology, making it clear that he was only doing so because his mom made him.

Matt Dean's mom wants him to apologize to Neil Gaiman for being a potty-mouth.
"My mom is staying with us right now," Dean told MPR.
"My wife's out of town, and she was very angry this morning and always taught me to not be a name caller. And I shouldn't have done it, and I apologize."

Still, Dean says, Gaiman shouldn't have accepted a $45,000 speaking fee for a talk at a Stillwater library last year. Gaiman is rich, Dean says. "He could probably donate a few hours of his time for some kids who follow him and like his books."

Gaiman has pointed out that donate is exactly what he did--he gave a third of his fee to a sex-abuse charity and the rest to a library-related charity.

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