Michele Bachmann gets a peek at dead Osama bin Laden pix

osama bin laden200.jpg
Bin Laden: He's dead. Bachmann says so.
One of the perks of Rep. Michele Bachmann's being on the House Intelligence Committee turns out to be that she gets to look at photos of a very dead Osama bin Laden before the rest of the world -- which will have to wait either until the pix are leaked, or crow-barred out of the Pentagon by a Freedom of Information Act request.

This means that, unlike Jesse Ventura, who doubts that U.S. Navy SEALS really gunned down America's most hated hermit terrorist leader, Bachmann's not joining the "deather" conspiracy.

"We got our man," she tweeted.

Rep. John Kline, who sits on the House Armed Services Committee, was also cleared by the CIA to view the photos, but he declined the invitation to see what bin Laden looked like with a bullet through his head.

"I have absolute confidence that he is dead, and looking at the picture doesn't make him any deader," he told the Strib.

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So, wait- Does this mean then that she did NOT believe we had actually gotten Osama until she saw the pictures?

No, of course not. She just had to make a big show out of the fact that she got to see the pictures and now she's one of the cool kids and maybe Tommy Bilson will invite her to the spring formal- SQUEEE!

Mn Vet
Mn Vet

And Obama is a poser: He is not a navy seal. The doll must go.

Mn Vet
Mn Vet

Goggle "obama seal doll"

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