Michele Bachmann prays for Bradlee Dean's homophobic ministry [AUDIO]

Michele Bachmann and Bradlee Dean
The Minnesota Legislature erupted in controversy today following the opening prayer this morning by Bradlee Dean, the Axl Rose-lookalike homophobic minister.

The boneheaded decision to invite Dean to the party has backfired on Republicans, who now face a groundswell of opposition against their anti-gay marriage bill.

But Dean didn't just come out of nowhere. He's been affiliated with local Republicans a long time. Including Michele Bachmann, who offered up this bizarre, acid trip of a prayer to his anti-gay ministry, "You Can Run But You Cannot Hide."

Vampire author Anne Rice quits church because of Bradlee Dean

"This ministry, 'You Can Run But You Cannot Hide,' they are not sidetracked, they're on course," Bachmann intones. "They're way on course. Because they get it. They get what this is all about."

Bradlee Dean addressed the legislature this morning. Now they won't let him show his face.
She then goes on to talk about a "fire of the gospel" sweeping Minnesota and turning it into a "sweet-smelling incense of praise and sacrifice."

Yeah, it's that crazy.

[WATCH: Bradlee Dean, homophobic preacher, giving the opening prayer]

Here's the audio. There's no visual, so feel free to close your eyes and fold your hands together to get the full effect.

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