Minneapolis tornado "exclusion zone" map and details

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Tony Webster
Stay out of North Minneapolis so emergency crews can do their jobs.
The trail of destruction left by yesterday's tornado in North Minneapolis is going to take a while to clear. More than 100 homes are damaged, power lines are down, gas leaks have been reported, trees are uprooted -- and you ought to stay away unless you're an emergency worker or a resident.

That's not just a request. It's an order from Minneapolis police, who have established an exclusion zone in the neighborhood. Anyone who tries to enter the exclusion zone prior to areas being opened can be charged with a misdemeanor.

SLIDESHOW: City Pages readers send in their photos of the destruction.

The restricted area covers a big swath of the north side, from Bassett Creek in the southwest, to north 42nd Avenue and Lyndale in the northeast:

tornado exclusion zone.jpg
The tornado's path is marked in red. Click on the map to enlarge.
Checkpoints are located at the following intersections:
  • 42 Avenue North and Lyndale Avenue North
  • Dowling Avenue North and Lyndale Avenue North
  • Lowry Avenue North and Lyndale Avenue North
  • 26th Avenue North and Fremont Avenue North
  • West Broadway and Fremont Avenue North
  • Penn Avenue North and Golden Valley Road
  • Oak Park/ Thomas Avenue North
  • Golden Valley Road and Xerxes Avenue South
  • Penn Avenue North and 12th Avenue North
  • Penn Avenue North and 26th Avenue North
  • Penn Avenue North and Lowry Avenue North
  • Penn Avenue North and Dowling Avenue North
  • 42nd Avenue North and Humboldt Avenue North

MPD says that no checkpoint will open before 10 a.m. and no travel will be allowed in the exclusion zone before 10 AM. Then, only residents will be allowed to come and go after the areas have been cleared of major hazards. Anyone in the North Minneapolis area should be aware that emergency responders have found quantities of small debris that have damaged numerous vehicle tires.

Other Closures:

The following exits from northbound I-94 will also be closed until further notice starting at 5 a.m. Monday (on ramps are not affected):

  • Broadway/Washington Avenue
  • Dowling Avenue
  • 49th Avenue North /53rd Avenue North

The Minneapolis Public School District says the following schools in the exclusion zone will be closed Monday:

  • Lucy Laney
  • City View
  • Nellie Stone Johnson
  • Hmong International Academy
  • Northstar
  • Plymouth Youth Center

No school buses will be able to enter the exclusion zone as many roadways are still impassable.

More on the tornado:

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