Minneapolis maps tornado's path

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tornado map close.jpg
The City of Minneapolis has completed work on a map that shows the path of Sunday's tornado, and the impact it had on the city, building by building.

Major damage, marked in red, starts at about Plymouth and Upton, and continues on a diagonal path northeast.

The major damage becomes more concentrated starting at about 36th and Fremont. [HT: MPR]. This is the same area where the National Weather Service says the storm gained strength from an EF 1 to EF 2 before crossing the Mississippi.

The city now estimates that something like 3,000 structures were damaged, 1,600 of them seriously, including 274 homes. At least 1,700 truckloads of debris have been hauled away.

tornado damage map.jpg

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LeAnn June
LeAnn June

I can't compliment Mpls enough to their response after the tornado and their on going assistance.  The police reaction was wonderful being the neighbor hood we live in is less than desirable things could have be so much worse.  LeAnn survivor 


My mom's house and her neighborhood were hit by the tornado.  Neighbors checked on each other to make sure they were OK.  Given the size and scope of the damage, I am impressed by the amount and quickness of the city, utilities and other emergency workers who have been working so hard for the past week.  Thank you.  LG


What good is a map you can't read?

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