Minneapolis makes play for a new Vikings stadium

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The latest vision for a Vikings stadium in Minneapolis.
After a week in which the momentum for building a new Vikings stadium seemed to shift from Minneapolis to Ramsey County, the city is set to unveil a proposal today to keep the team west of the Mississippi.

The details are sketchy, but it sounds like Mayor R.T. Rybak and City Council President Barb Johnson are pushing a plan to build the new stadium on the Metrodome site that would have the city pony up about a quarter of the stadium's projected $900 million cost.

More will be revealed at a press conference this afternoon, but for now it sounds like money for the project will come through some combination of revenue from the convention center and sales taxes. Property tax revenue won't be used as a source, and the money raised will also help fund renovations at the Target Center.

Barring some 11th-hour surprise, the news means we're down to a bidding war between the Metrodome site, which is now the only viable option in Minneapolis, and the old armory site in Arden Hills.

vikings stadium may2011.jpg
And the stadium bill before the Legislature calls for a three-way split on construction costs between the state, the team, and the "local partner," which now effectively means Ramsey County or Minneapolis.

Will the team opt to remain in a location that already meshes with the booming entertainment and growing transit infrastructure of the city, or will the owners opt to build a brand spanking new campus on the outskirts of St. Paul?

In the end, it will depend on which community most sweetens the deal, where the Wilf brothers think they can get the best return on their investment, and whether any deal can make it past a Legislature so mired in acrimony that it still hasn't passed a state budget.

Lawmakers go home on May 23.

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got plans for the stp idea or feel like only promoting the mpls plans?i understand, most of ur ads come from mpls so why not promote the building in mpls to bring more revenue to ur ad space buyers


I can't wait to see all those stupid fans complain about ticket prices, about the poor team ... when will you fans wake up - Franchised sports are nothing but a business in sheeps clothing that is there to exploit revenue streams. I want minneapolis sales tax to sky rocket to pay for this heap of crap. IF people complain, then they should choose to spend their money else where....


Mark me as a taxpaying resident of Mpls that will not be complaining. For once my tax dollars will go to something that I get to enjoy. My property taxes have been going towards numorous programs and funding that while I deem necessary, I don't get anything out of. This city is so quick to pay for the arts (which is still a business) but then bellyaches when a news stadium is proposed. I certainly don't hear too many complaining about Target Field now.

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