Neil Gaiman's a capitalist. What's wrong with that? Comment Of The Day

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Neil Gaiman is successful. This bothers House Majority Leader Matt Dean.
Since when did Republicans take such a dim view of free enterprise? Here's Neil Gaiman, a hugely successful and famous author, paid handsomely for his accomplishments, and House Majority Leader Matt Dean calls him a "pencil-necked weasel" for accepting a $45,000 speaking fee from Stillwater library.

"It is not like Gaiman reached out to Stillwater library and demanded to be offered a speaking engagement. Stillwater library contacted Gaiman's assistant, asked if he were available and for how much, and then agreed to book him," commenter Snorkel writes.

the people who booked Gaiman did not have an issue with his price tag. They felt it was worth it, and they had the money to make it happen. Should Gaiman have told them that they were wrong? Perhaps Dean should be yelling at the people who booked Gaiman. When you see people living on welfare with satellite TV do you get mad at the satellite TV company for selling them the service or do you get mad at the people on welfare for having their priorities mixed up? ...

Gaiman showed up and did what he was paid to do. No guns, threats, or breaking and entering were involved. This was not theft. This was capitalism. Gaiman feels comfortable with speaking at $45,000. That's his market price. If the market feels his price is too high, then he should find himself with more time on his hands for writing (Which, according to his FAQ, is exactly the point).

Dean not only scolded Gaiman for being successful and rich, he ignorantly suggested out loud that Gaiman donate the speaking fee to charity -- Gaiman had already done that, leaving Dean with more egg on his face.


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Jenny Creed
Jenny Creed

 If all capitalists were like Neil Gaiman, Ayn Rand would turn in her grave as her dreams came true.


Yeah, but Neil looks kinda like Tim Burton, so he's just gotta be a dirty liberal, right?


Please just fucking quit already. You've made you're point; all you're doing now is making asses of yourselves.

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