Obama punchlines Pawlenty and Bachmann [VIDEO]

obama laughing 2.jpg
Obama laughs at Bachmann's and Pawlenty's expense.
It was open satire season on birthers Saturday night at the White House Corespondents Dinner in Washington.

President Barack Obama, fresh off releasing his long form birth certificate, mocked Republicans whose party has become the official home to all kinds of crazy conspiracy theories.

First it was Michele Bachmann's turn, thanks to her ongoing mating dance with people who can't get over the fact that Obama really is American:

"Michele Bachmann is here. She is considering running for president. Which is weird, because I hear she was born in Canada. Yes, Michele, this is how it starts. Just letting you know.

Then Obama took aim at Tim Pawlenty, who In January displayed sudden expertise in American-Egyptian foreign affairs:

He seems all-American. But have you heard his real middle name, Tim Hosni Pawlenty? What a shame.


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A pretty good performance. He has comedic timing and pretty good writers - a must during the coming comedy fest, I mean, election.

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