Obama dings Bachmann in teleprompter satire [VIDEO]

What's with this obsession over Obama's teleprompter?
Michele Bachmann is definitely on the radar at the White House.

Barack Obama not only mocked her mating dance with birthers by suggesting she was a crypto Canadian at the White House Correspondents Dinner; his media gurus put together a video satirizing the weird right wing obsession with Obama's teleprompter -- with Bachmann featured up front.

The entire production, playing off "The King's Speech," leaves us with the the sense that the White House is picking up on those absurdly over-the-top campaign videos movie trailers produced by Tim Pawlenty.



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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

So much for Obama's call to "end the silliness" and get down to more "serious matters".

Do you all remember when a Teleprompter Mishap had Obama Thanking Himself?Do you all remember when a Teleprompter Mishap had Obama introducing the same person twice?

Ah duh, well it said...

But hey, I have to give him credit. He pulled of this reading of the teleprompter perfectly and his comical execution was nearly flawless. Kudos to Obama!

Mn Driver
Mn Driver

Just when Obama said let's stop the sillyness! Get gas down to 1.89 where you found it at!


This is so bizarre. Does anyone know where this teleprompter business actually originated?


I would bet that Obama spent pretty close to no time and energy on making this video. Someone else wrote and edited it using existing footage. But you could be right Mn Driver, maybe he came into work one day and said "Hold my calls, I'm going to spend a few hours on my Macbook Pro piecing together this really silly video instead of working through this economic mess that I inherited."

Mn Driver
Mn Driver

Your right, Obama is too busy MURDERING unarmed people in their sleep.

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