Peter Robert Stibal, Scoutmaster, guilty of sex assault on Scout

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Peter Robert Stibal ignored the Boy Scout Oath.
Peter Robert Stibal, the former Scoutmaster of Troop 650 in Burnsville, paid no attention to the final clause in the Boy Scout Oath, the part about doing one's best to stay "morally straight."

Instead, he sexually assaulted at least one of the teenagers in his troop -- repeatedly.

A Ramsey County jury found him guilty yesterday on four felony counts, and he could face decades behind bars after sentencing in June.

But that's hardly the end of his troubles. Stibal has yet to be tried on charges that he molested three other boys in the troop, and that he kept kiddie porn on his computer.

This first round of charges were grotesque enough: Stibal fondled and performed oral sex on the boy at his family's cabin in Paynesville, and a Cottage Grove drive-in movie, and he got his hands down the boy's pants at his own home and at an Eagan movie theater.

stibal victim 1.jpg
From the complaint against Stibal.
In court, Stibal's victim wasn't sure if the assaults began when he was 12 or 13 years old, but they ended after he confronted Stibal a few years later.

He said he didn't come forward with the accusations for years because he didn't want to deter other kids from joining the troop, but he changed his mind when he watched Stibal laying the groundwork for more assaults on other kids.


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Kirk the Conservative Jerk
Kirk the Conservative Jerk

I hope this kid sues this jackass and sets himself up for a nice college fund.Never thought to ask if this guy was also a member of NAMBLA?

"and he could face decades behind bars after sentencing in June"Don't count on it.

"Put a ankle bracelet on him and allow him to return to society; hopefully as a productive member". Says the Nutty Liberal fighting hard for the release of him and others like him. Soon to be coming to a neighborhood near you and your kids...

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