PolitiFact: Pawlenty mostly honest about Obama on health care

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When we hear the words "PolitiFact" and "Minnesota" in the same sentence, it's usually because Michele Bachmann has scored another "Pants On Fire" award for spouting more unbelievable crap about Barack Obama.

Today is different. Even though he's getting tepid reviews for his debate with the GOP also-rans last night, we found out that Tim Pawlenty at least didn't emerge as a candidate for liar of the year (unlike you know who).

Pawlenty's at least one moment of truth came after a question about his opposition to part of the health care reform law that requires an individual to purchase health insurance. It's the same rule central to Romneycare in Massachusetts, which enjoys 84 percent support.

The Fox News questioner asked, "Why isn't that good enough for you?"

Pawlenty ducked that question -- this was a presidential debate, where no one expects anyone to answer a hard question directly.

Instead, he slammed President Obama for having his pants on fire:

This is an issue President Obama stood on in Iowa, in 2008, on the night of the Iowa caucuses. He promised the nation that he would do health care reform focused on cost containment. He opposed an individual mandate. And said he was going to do it with Republicans.

That's pretty much true, PolitiFact says, even if he didn't answer the question.

It's clear that Obama didn't get Republican votes for health care, and he reversed himself on opposing an individual mandate. The jury's still out on cost containment.

But the rest of Pawlenty's answer, about the government taking over health care, was bunk.

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Mn Voter
Mn Voter

Obama has doubled the price of gas, coffee, meat. Obama has 9% unemployment when it was going to stay below 8%. Obama brought in 2,500,000 government visa people (H1b, etc) to work even though Unemployment is 9%. Who cares what Tpaw says, Obama kills old men in the pajamas and is killing our economy.


any sources to prove any of what you just said?

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