Ramsey County wins Vikings stadium bid war

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The Vikings' new schloss will sit on the laqrgest Superfund site in the country.
If the Vikings stay in Minnesota, they're going to do it in Arden Hills. Ramsey County won the bidding war against Minneapolis to help finance the construction of the team's new stadium on what they call the site of the largest Superfund site in the country.

The retractable-roof stadium they want to build will cost $884 million, not including an additional $173 million to cover infrastructure, parking and environmental costs. The Vikings promise to pay $407 million of the project's total $1.057 billion cost.

Right now, here's how the team and county propose to work the rest of the deal: Ramsey County would cover $350 million, or 33 percent of the project's total costs, through a 0.5% sales tax increase. The state would cover $300 million, or 28 percent of total project costs, through a pro-sports memorabilia tax, sales tax on direct satellite services and a dedicated sports-themed lottery.

stadium overhead.JPG
An overhead view of the proposed stadium site.
The announcement comes a day after Minneapolis unveiled a plan to keep the Vikings on the Metrodome site in a retooled stadium, and the same day that a new state-wide poll showed massive public opposition to taxpayers having to foot any part of the stadium's construction costs.

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