Republicans abandon ATM restrictions for welfare EBT cards

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Minnesota EBT cards are used by welfare recipients to access their benefits.
A measure that would have prevented welfare recipients from withdrawing more than $20 a month using their EBT cards has died a quiet death during budget negotiations at the Legislature.

The bill, introduced by GOP Rep. Kurt Daudt in March, was ostensibly aimed at preventing government assistance from being used for things like buying cigarettes, booze, tattoos, and lottery tickets. Because as everyone knows, those are the only things poor folks ever spend their money on.

But the net effect of this proposed piece of social engineering would have been severe restrictions on where welfare recipients could have shopped, because Electronic Benefit Transfer -- EBT -- cards aren't taken at all grocery stores, and card holders wouldn't have had enough cash to pay their bill.

There's no doubt that some folks have abused their EBT privileges, but the bill wasn't based in any "common sense or fiscal responsibility," Angel Buechner of the Welfare Rights Committee told us at the time. "It appears to be based on knee-jerk, ignorant bias and a desire to stigmatize the poor."

Now, even though Daudt's bill had a raft of Republican support, the ATM restrictions are missing from the bill the Health and Human Services budget just released by a conference committee.

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This bill would have altered GA and MSA, not the food stamps program.  I'd just like to put that out there because when you say "EBT" and "grocery stores" people instantly think of "food stamps."  These are the two programs where people (and for MSA, it's elderly and disabled people) can get "cash" assistance.  They need to be able to take money out because while Cub Foods might take EBT, a retailer selling bedsheets or denim might not.  As for the other comment here, I'm not sure what kind of system you live in, but "dope dealers" don't generally operate on a credit system.  Sorry!

Your kindness is killing me!
Your kindness is killing me!

SWEET!!!!!!Now I can continue doing as I do.

Every 1st of the month, I use the ATM to withdraw money from my EBT card to pay off debts to my dope dealer.HA HA you stupid and gullable tax paying fucks.   Now I can keep getting HIGH off your dollar!

THANK YOU DEMOCRATS FOR OPPOSING THEM EVIL REPUBLICIANS WHO TRIED TO TAKE AWAY MY DOPE MONEY! again, thank you democrats.    I'll smoke some rock RIGHT NOW in you honorAnd when I hit bottom, I'll blame you....

Dopeman schools rottenberry
Dopeman schools rottenberry

It's called fronting Will you front me a 20 until next friday?  I'll pay you $25 then Mr. Dopeman.any so-called friend would do so.


What kind of thugs do you buy you dope from rottenberry?  Or perhaps you're such a peice of shit NO ONE would EVER borrow you shit!See I break thumbs, and I always get my money with interest!


That's not very common.  I've worked with recovering addicts for a long time and there is a reason that drug addicts will steal to buy drugs (and it's because they need to get cash to get them).  That fact, and whatever internet guerrilla theater you are attempting, does nothing to change the actual way that programs like GA or MSA operate and why folks would need to be able to get cash to meet their day-to-day needs.  Just saying!

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