SKOL: Vikings' super fans, awful 2010 season, documented by U of M student [VIDEO]

A documentary on super fans gets a boost from a super awful season.
Just when we'd relegated the Vikings' epic 2010 implosion to the far reaches of our collective craniums, University of Minnesota journalism student Elizabeth Giorgi has come along to remind us of the whole, sorry affair. But in a good way.

"SKOL" was dreamed up as a thoughtful look at Vikings super fans from the perspective of a friendly Minnesotan, rather than some leering outsider treating Ragnar and his cohorts as bizarre zoo animals.

But then the season started unraveling: Randy Moss was hired and fired, Brett Favre's sexts and busticated ankle made more headlines than his yardage, Brad Childress was fired, the Metrodome collapsed -- the list goes on.

"By the time Randy Moss joined the team, I knew the film was going to work out," Girogi told the Pioneer Press.

Here's the official trailer for "SKOL."

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